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Mor Furniture x Heaven Sent Design

Heaven Sent Design & Decor had the pleasure of joining our friends at Mor Furniture for their #Designer Series. I was given their Peoria Sofa and the Westerly Bed as my pieces to style. For the series, I was able to shop their entire showroom for accessories and accent furniture to complete my set. Read more to learn about my design process and how I curated this room.

I love contemporary, chic, & glam. That's the approach I used for both of my sets, so you'll see me incorporating textures like fur, velvety materials, glass, stone, mixed metals and items with shiny finishes like gold and silver. These textures and materials give a luxurious feel while still offering maximum comfort.


The Peoria Sofa

Golden Simplicity...

Yassss... Who doesn't like a plush shag rug? Right?! The PEORIA Sofa that I'm sitting was the item that I need to use. The buddha art piece was the second piece I chose, and the main inspiration for the entire set design.

DESIGN TIP: I always use one piece as my inspiration and add on the layers.


The Westerly Bed

We called this set "Into The Wild". We love jewel tones ... especially blue! We used organic textures like cowhide, leather and suede for a fun, yet sophisticated finish.

I paired this with the Valentino Dresser and the Cassius Side table for a modern touch.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of how I styled the Peoria Sofa and the Westerly Bed!

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