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It’s The Season For Giving and Living!!


Seasons greetings to our Heaven Sent Family & Followers!! I’m making blogging & logging “a thing“ for 2019 And lucky for you I’m starting early!! 🎄

Every year since Heaven Sent was established, I’ve chosen one family during the Holiday Season to do a mini-makeover for. The person must reach out to me with the reason they think they dererve the makeover . They also need a budget of $200 and I inturn donate 6 hours of FREE design time to help them shop & decorate one room.

This year I’ve chosen my friend and fitness sister Dulce. She‘s a selfless, dedicated Mother, Wife, Fitness Coach and Entrepreneur. She does sooo much for so many people around her community and has such a sweet soul and heart. She has 4 school aged children and has dedicated her life to what she believes in.....healthy living, motherhood and chasing her dreams. In the last 2 years her and I have lost 160 poinds collectively!! We inspire and push one on our fitness and entrepreneurship goals. 🙌🏾

With a couple dollars, a couple hours and a plan of attack; I knew I could give her the happiness she deserved. I asked her what color she wanted. She said red, and it went from there.

Of course we all wish we could do

moreeeeee... but we do the best that we can with what we have!! Right!!

The winners attitude!!



With $167 we were able to add to the existing furniture she had and transform it into a stylish and cohesive place to enjoy the Holiday.
What an awesome way to bring in the New Year!

”The Holiday Season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.”


Where I went:

  • Ross

  • Dollar Tree

What I bought :

  • Wall Art

  • Pillows

  • Vases

These are inexpensive items that can add interest or color without breaking the bank. Also eliminate Clutter, unnecessary items, ”extra” stuff, dust, debris, etc.

“Small changes to colors, layout, and fabrics can easily improve your mood and evoke positive feelings.” That’s right organizing, cleaning and sprucing up your place can really lift your mood.

So give yourself an early gift and declutter, tidy up and treat yourself to a peace of mind. Look at my tips above and bring 2019 in with style.

Signed your favorite Interior Designer,

Jenna Lockett

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